Hello I am a 6w5 INTJ

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Hello I am a 6w5 INTJ

Post by IntraScholar » Sat Nov 26, 2016 4:20 pm

Hello I am a 6w5 INTJ.

I believe I have alot of unique and valuable contributions to be made to the MBTI community, and post my thoughts through my website, http://www.intrascholar.com .

If you're interested in hearing my thoughts and possibly learning something new, please do check it out.

Thank you

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Re: Hello I am a 6w5 INTJ

Post by Entity » Wed Dec 21, 2016 3:36 am

Hello, welcome. Sorry for the late response. Knowing my forgetfulness I probably won't end up looking at your site for a while, but you can feel free to post here.
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