Are INFPs religious or atheists?

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Re: Are INFPs religious or atheists?

Post by Kiddo » Sun Mar 13, 2011 12:40 am

I too, like paul, feel that arguements about God always diminish into personalized attacks which is a type of fallacy I find especially annoying. I believe in a heaven, in fact I met someone recently who visited.
His name is Don Piper and on his way to church he got into an accident. He was crossing a bridge that's meant for one car at a time but its for both sides of traffic. People have to take turns and keep an eye out to who's coming across. At the same time Don was crossing the bridge an 18-wheeler had to make a choice. He found he was going too fast and either he was going to hit the car in front of him or he could turn into the bridge and pray no one was coming. From the way the trucker was driving the bridge's path was obscured. Don Piper met the trucker head on. His left leg was severed, his left arm was stripped of skin and a piece of bone was flung somewhere never to be found. His right leg was crushed. The trunk of his body was sickeningly pierced by the steering wheel. The only thing that didn't sustain damage was his right shoulder.
An ambulance checked out the other cars that had been involved in the pile up (the trucker had involved two cars behind Piper in the accident). Everyone else was fine. Piper was declared dead on the spot.
Now Piper had been on his way to church remember, because he was going to an annual Baptist conference in Texas. The people behind him were on their way to church probably, it was a sunday. It just so happened a pastor had pulled up to the scene. He needed to get to his church and the only way was to get across that bridge. He stepped out of the car to check on the situation being a caring type. He went over and asked a nearby officer who was in the smashed up wreck. The officer replied that there was a dead man and could the pastor get back in his car. The holy man recounted later tht he felt a surge of feeling from God to pray over the man in the car so he cajoled his way under the tarp with which the medical team covered up the wreck. The policeman warned the pastor that he was about to see something really greusome but the pastor shot back that had worked previously in the ER and there wasn't anything in that car he hadn't seen before. The pastor got under the tarp and reached over Piper's body. He had to reach over the skinned arm and pinioned chest to touch the dead man's only intact feature, his right shoulder. The pastor began to pray.
Meanwhile, Piper had gone to heaven. He recounted to my church how he was tugged from his body by angels and taken to heaven. There in heaven were his grandmother who had been bent by arthritis but was now "Perfect in every way". His grandfather who had been a carpenter and had a lot of scars had none at all. Behind these and more people he saw a street paved with what looked like gold shaped into bricks. On the avenue he saw mansions perched around the bricks. In the center of the city he described a mountain and at the top he could tell that God was there. In the sky were Angels who sang thousands of songs about God's glory all at once. On earth it would sound horrible but all the songs were harmonized perfectly.
Piper looked at the audience, myself included, "The angels; you'll like them".
I blushed, it was so real.
Don had come to address our church about the reality of heaven a couple weeks ago. I have his signed copy of "90 minuted in heaven".
Anyway, he told the church that we did not become angels. Angels were in heaven to serve us. Humans still need a lot of help even in heaven.
He said that everyone hwo greeted him were those who had helped him on his spiritual journey to come to Christ. There was the kind lady who drove him to church when he was young and didn't have a ride. There was his friend who had died at 18 in another car crash, go figure.
Piper was about to step into heaven when he was jerked into black darkness. It was SUCH a change because heaven had been illumined by God's light that would have burned the human cornea blind. Oh, and he described the gates as being made out of pearl.
Piper heard a voice and it was the pastor praying over his body. He was jerked back into his corpse and started singing hymns with the pastor. Who promptly exited the car as fast as he could.
Piper walked up to the podium in my church and used his left arm to gesticulate. His face is a kind old face that has hardly a wrinkle. He has white hair that is only gently balding at the temples. He has twinkling blue eyes and has a steady walk. You'd never guess he was torn apart.
The ambulance rushed him to triage where he developed double pneumonia in the second day after the crash. He had to have a device in all four limbs that stabbed into his skin to allow for every bone to go back into place. The doctors weren't skeptical, they knew he was going to die. Then they KNEW he would never walk again. Then they KNEW he would never run. Then that was when they accepted he was a miracle.
It took him 2 years to fully recover. What had happened while Piper was in heaven was the pastor had contacted his church who prayed for him. Then his church contacted other churches and they contacted other churches who contacted churches outside of the United States who contacted other countries. A lot of people were praying for Don Piper's recovery much to his bemusement. He recounted that it took a massive amount of forgiveness on his part for him to stop being mad at God long enough to tell other people about heaven.
Now Don Piper's life is dedicated to getting other people converted so that they can go to heaven too because that's all that matters in the end. When you're dead.
As for INFP's I don't know if they are more likely to be religious. Perhaps we can set up a poll?
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Re: Are INFPs religious or atheists?

Post by Thomas60 » Sun Mar 13, 2011 3:19 am

Stereotypically. I'm an atheist.
I'd also say i'm an agnostic too, but prefer the label athiest as it gets to the issue in question, that I lack belief in the existance of God(s), the agnostic part just says i'm not in the position to claim a God could not or does not, only that what I have been presented with currently doesn't lead me to a conclusion of God. Gnosticism is about knowledge, belief is what you do with it.

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Re: Are INFPs religious or atheists?

Post by Kevs » Tue Sep 27, 2011 3:25 am

I'm something. Maybe a poly-spiritual. I'm attracted to various aspects of a number of beliefs. I am attracted to pagan beliefs, find myself thinking that the Earth itself is aware, a type of god in and of itself...which leads me to be attracted to american indian beliefs. I was raised Lutheran, and so my exposure to Christianity led me to be attracted to some of the great things that Jesus said...I believe in love. Earth and love. something like that. Kindness, compassion, forgiveness, in awe of earth...a stew with that stuff in it.

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Re: Are INFPs religious or atheists?

Post by Artsu » Wed Oct 05, 2011 8:43 pm

I think INFP tend to think of God in terms of a point of convergence of their intuition. God = perfect N/S/T/F, i and e.

Thus for example, the INFP may conceive of an evergrowing population starting from one source, and denote this source as God. Else, morality itself may be the basis, or physical reality, or anything you can conceive of (though the synthesis may fail - analytic = properties of the object in itself, synthetic = property of being observed, i.e. known in mind).

However, INFP is probably less likely to have strong views than the NFJ, whose dominance in feeling tends to make for intensity of opinion. INFP tends towards the less properly religious aspects of religion. The way-of-lifeness of the Buddhist, the aesthetic brilliance of (i.e. hipsterism) Ancient cultures and their various revivalists, the seemingly dry argumentation of Mediaeval Metaphysics.

God to the NFP is only the starter point. The real journey is not a servitude of God, its an experience of the full greatness of life through the light revealed by looking -with- God.

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Re: Are INFPs religious or atheists?

Post by boowee » Mon Oct 24, 2011 10:10 pm

I have read that INFPs are likely to be religious, too, but I think that's probably a convolution of correlation. I think INFPs are definitely more likely to be concerned with questions of morality and values; religion and spirituality are a primary source of that for some. In other words, perhaps a large percentage of INFPs are religious, but I think that stems more from an interest in morality than any heightened spiritual affinity.

I am atheist. Like others, I find moral direction through introspection, conversation, observation, and philosophy -- including religious philosophy -- I just don't believe in a divine moral mandate that suggests one religious perspective is absolutely correct or even relatively correct compared to other religions. I don't believe in a divine spiritual personality, so it certainly couldn't issue a directive.

I do understand that many people have had profoundly spiritual communications or know and trust people who have. Despite being atheist, I believe that there are elements of communication and experience that are not understood by science. There are personal accounts of the supernatural and spiritual all over the place, and atheism doesn't make that go away. I believe that spirituality and the experience of spirituality merit scientific study whether or not there is or are a God or gods behind it.

I'm also not completely opposed to religion. There was actually an atheist at Harvard who was thinking about starting up an Atheist community center. Organization based on morality and principles has a lot of positivity to offer this world, despite its sometimes bloody past. Although I'm not a member of such an organization, the question as posed -- religious or atheist -- is a false dichotomy.

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Re: Are INFPs religious or atheists?

Post by bluehairednemo » Sat Feb 25, 2012 5:27 am

I am an atheist. I don't understand why people insist that every human being has a need for spirituality - humans are more individualized than that, and I personally do not feel a need for spirituality. I am happier learning about everything from history to quantum mechanics than doing the same old traditions again and again and again.

That being said, I am able to talk with religious people and respect them because they personally find importance and meaning in their practice. That's totally cool; it's their life and it's their call to do whatever they want with it. All I ask for is the same respect from them.

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Re: Are INFPs religious or atheists?

Post by SnowLeopard » Mon Apr 09, 2012 10:01 pm

Mmmm...I'm spiritual with a deep sense of connection to the natural world/cosmos.
The religious thing for me is abit like too restrictive and mechanical. I need fluidity and to do things like sit out on my decking under the stars and gaze in wonderment.... :)

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Re: Are INFPs religious or atheists?

Post by Noriko » Fri Apr 20, 2012 12:30 am

Atheist-practicing agnostic. I don't agree with most institutionalized religions/philosophies... if you live what you believe, let others do what they will, and no one is harming another, then I don't really care. We can live with each other without believing in the same things, surely? Let us all be free to choose our path?

When it comes down to it, I don't believe in god(s). I look toward what I think the universe/reality is, or what I am inside it, if that makes sense. This is an ongoing side project... no one around me thinks it's terribly fun, haha...
I also like the idea that all of it is personal, and transformation is key. A lot of my philosophy inward-turning, as selfish as that may sound. So, while you may adhere to Buddhism or Christianity, it is still a personal journey towards 'expansion,' or just expression.

If anyone cares, I've grown up around NT's. One of them may have been mistyped, but they're all atheists/agnostics anyways. Add to that pile, stat! =p

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Re: Are INFPs religious or atheists?

Post by dupko » Mon Jun 25, 2012 4:08 pm

Krissie wrote:I definitely am religious and believe in God. I've also had experiences where I've felt God has "left me a message" and God has helped me on numerous occasions to boot!! In fact, I feel very sorry for the people that do me harm..I've seen great harm come to those people and I believe God kicks them mightily in the ass!!
Im so sorry that you are manipulating by sects

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Re: Are INFPs religious or atheists?

Post by VerdidicalArt21 » Thu Nov 22, 2012 12:31 am

Perceptions of reality vary from person to person whether they are optimistic or pessimistic, religious or non-religious. INFP's are generally ideological when it comes to their perceptions of reality and humanity, so it is just as reasonable for an INFP to be spiritual as it is for them to be non-spiritual. When it comes down to it, atheists, agnostics, and theists all have the ability to be compassionate, to be accepting, and to be loving.

Interesting thread

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Re: Are INFPs religious or atheists?

Post by Randomosity » Fri Nov 23, 2012 5:20 am

I believe in a god (or gods) myself, but I am rather like Pi Patel in Life of Pi in the fact I am not any specific religion, more like several at once. I belive sticking to any one particular religion causes too much unrest and strife in this world.

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Re: Are INFPs religious or atheists?

Post by IvoryLatte » Sat Nov 16, 2013 6:35 pm

I generally lead towards Atheism, but I try to keep my mind as open as possible. It is only when I see people using organized religion as a weapon to attack and destroy beliefs and lifestyles of other people (homosexuals, people who are sexually active, etc.) that I start to feel a bit of hatred towards the institution. Why can't people just let each other be? Why must I worship your God in order for my life to have meaning? I suppose I'm very sensitive to this because my extended family, like my aunts and grandmother, would secretly take me to church without telling my Atheist parents. They would tell me that my parents were mean to me for putting me into a "hippie school".

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Re: Are INFPs religious or atheists?

Post by cforbes9 » Wed Feb 19, 2014 11:36 pm

Religious. LDS or Mormon. Never forced to go to church just always liked it. It was an escape also. I am inline with the church on a doctrinal level having rationalized it logically and ethically in my mind. I was a minority where i Grew up. I hate cultural religion.

I saw a poll done on the net that suggested that 42% of INFP's were atheists/agnostics whereas the rest were some sort of believer in that they practiced something

Religiousity is a conversation about liberalism versus conservatism in my opinion. So I really do not think that MBTI type is very important in determing religiosity.
When you look at statistics of the western world were the Bible has a foothold you see about a 2/3 believing and 1/3 not believing. Russia is an example with the believers gaining after the fall of the USSR and following conservatism.
In the U.S. statistically little to no difference has occured in the past 70 years. According to Gallup.
When it comes to INFP's, and the internet, left of center individuals are going to be overrepresented for several reasons
-the fact that your dealing with Psychology
-The fact that you dealing with the internet/ younger population

I think INFP's are sometimes manufactured by ESTJ's. Where someone will rebel against overprotective or overbearing parents and do the opposite(Catholic School, The law of Moses, Rural Utah) and with the LGBT community and turn to irreligion as part of that inherently. And interestingly vice versa for example Emma Smith-whos dad didnt like her praying as a child.

As far as marriage is concerned, I can say that my father is an INTx and his father was an INTJ and I can think of atleast two other NT's at my local church, 4 total(Computer Programmer, Neuroscientist, Intelligence Officer,!!!!Music-a female INTJ!!!!). My Mother and Grandmother are definetly nf's. Since NT's and NF's are attracted. I can think of a NF Mormon woman married to an Secular Jewish NT male, for example so you get intermarriage a lot because NT's tend to be irreligious. Opposites attract/The 'Fixers'.

Maturity is the Key though. I am sorry but there is a secular and logical argument for Traditional marriage and a real devils advocate would acknowledge this. The Biblical teaching of a fall of mankind is one of the first lessons taught and so bad examples dont screw the whole bible. And these seem to underly a lot of what you hear on the net.

Unless the MBTI is going to be on the Census we won't really know for sure.

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Re: Are INFPs religious or atheists?

Post by kittehpawz » Thu Dec 18, 2014 3:07 pm

BabyDragon wrote:This is quite an interesting question to me because NTs generally lean towards atheism and Ns are rarely religious. The stereotype would make you think NFs are very spiritual or religious but my ENFP friend is a hardcore atheist like me which is so refreshing. An atheist feeler, that means he's not a good person because of God, karma or something, but because he's a good person.
I am a deist/spiritual, but I'm also a good person because I want to be and how it has made me feel ever since my first memories of childhood, before I would have been concerned with pleasing a "Creator." What you said would be inherent for atheist NFs anyway, so that's not really saying much, no? ;) So shouldn't us spiritual feelers that actually truly care be worthy of the greater praise? :)

This next part isn't directed toward anyone in particular, but I really wish a lot of the comments I see from atheists wouldn't insinuate that spiritual = religious. I'm spiritual yet shun religion's bloody history along with its dogma. Whether intentional or not, I really feel it throws any progress off track in a lot of conversations/debates (even scholarly) I've witnessed . I think it's an important distinction for everyone to be aware of that should be clarified a lot more than in most exchanges I've seen on the subject. I think some atheists do it on purpose to be disingenuous so they can "win", or they're just debate trolls or something.

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Re: Are INFPs religious or atheists?

Post by Dohavior » Mon Jan 12, 2015 4:19 pm

Atheists are the alter ego of religious people, one and the same. Only a devoutly religious person can be an atheist to claim that their theology should not be studied and scrutinized under a microscope.

There is a growing problem with religious followers asserting their projections upon non religious people. In modern times we are not seeing a disintegration, but rather an assimilation. With the templates of psychology laid out for all there are many secular priesthoods forming and with each a baby religion in its infancy. At least the old ways had a certain entropy of wisdom to them. Perhaps another dark age shall soon be upon us.

I kind of liked what that Jesus fellow had to say in that one book, but everyone else can go fuck them self for disagreeing.

Religion is pragmatism. There is no discussion of "higher power" or "spirituality". What one is speaking about is does one believe might makes right? If I am wrong should I accept any alternative regardless of the possibility for even greater consequences? To hide from reason and simply press buttons that is all religion is atheist or otherwise.

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