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man to INFP

Post by Achilleas7 » Tue May 07, 2019 1:26 am

Hello team!
Very nice to find this forum and thank you very much for keeping it up!

Even though i am now within a family of readers i will still do my best to restrain my self! (i must) (edit: aaand i failed miserably again!)

This is my first post and it should go under the introductions but there are complications and it was brought here.
I could not describe myself without mentioning what i do and what i do makes the existence of a self to describe irrelevant.

Then, only trying to browse around, i discovered discussions that should also be directed to the same introduction so it all got confusing and i decided to only post my work :-)

i was a man and had a dream
So i found it and heard a bigbang as it exploded in my face
this threw me into a series of events that began with discoverring i am an INFP.
I had taken the test 10+ years before and i had failed it as an INTP
The reason for that error was believing that when a relationship ends through reasoning it through, it's the mind that does the process
as i was completely unaware of the emotional intelligence and its power to know a dead horse when it sees one.

See... i am trying to only intro this...
and it is immediately starting to grow...

it all relates to depression
and to INFPs being healers.

never had many dreams.. just one!
turns out, i am an extreme INFP
100N 95P

and i realized that a 100 is not a 99
merely because it's like a circle that is never complete until it is

so i got to work.

it all started in Aug2015 2 months before my bday
this opened my eyes to create playlist 2016 under this youtubbe account
but 2016 led to 2017 and the following video is from 2018
it's in fact
my "first" coming out
i like the next one more
but playlist 2018 needs the 2016-7 foundations.

There's a lot we can discuss
but my suggestion is to just take the train.

The biggest and most important debate should be :
"what is that defines truth"
who has it if not the one with the proof?
and if it's the truth, can there ever be any real proof against it?
won't the truth be supported by a train of evidence?
do we board that, or do we stand in the way?

i've been so hurt in forums
swords cut back and it's been a "kill bill" mess for the past years i am in fact vacating from online discussions!
still i have to keep this going!

This is not of of them places
but an extreme INFP means... extreme on everything including pain! :oops:
nothing is done without that!

There's a big story behind the man
post 2015 stuff could fill books too.
i have somewhat depicted them in the videos
After the eyes were opened by discovering love at his 30s a message came through
and then he used the message itself to look back to who it was who said it

long story short... this video depicts situations that happened after joining depression groups
and realized the real connection we had and the power of the INFP we were given to use against it! (from 2018 list)

there's no more of a man here.
there's only you, your friends and depression through ignorance of the truth
and hopefully the death of a self was not on vain.
an extreme INFP had one dream and kept building it for years and if i were to describe how come it's gone it would take ... a book!
You already know the dream was love (because you too are an INFP and you know where i come from)
but if you only had one precious... where would you store it?
what if it got hit?

and what if your name was indeed... Achilles?

this story did not happen for me fellow INFPs
i've been trying to make people perceive and not judge from the first parts of 2016 playlist
i can have your "attention" for a sec
warning: one sec = 40 or so hours of music videos each one taking one month to make from Jan2016 to today.
in between those, i translate them to my home language (Hellenic(=Greek)


a glimpse of where we were yesterday (March 2019)
but please, do board the right way as the view from the attic only comes by taking all the steps
and in the attic is Edward Sciscorhands that really tries hard to not hurt those who judge without perceiving first!
maybe we're safe here :roll:

i don't control it much... the world is!
empathy without a self is like a mirror!
and you mirror things...
no mirror chooses that!

so mmaybe you'll like my riding style!

Thank you for your patience with my weird long text and the weirder longest videos i make!

i call it art
they don't like it, they can get off my darn unicorn :lol:

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