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Posted: Thu Dec 24, 2015 11:52 pm
by Mia86
(Sorry of my bad english, from Norway =)

On one level, I have been lucky to gain a lot of friendships that accept my INFP personality to its fullest. The fact that i might disappear or go into mye own world, is acceptet with mye friends. They also love mye nerdy side.

This Christmas times, i feel so alone. I do not feel any connection with people who are noe like me. My dad is by all means smart and to some extent understand and except me.
But in beeing around his new familty is toruture, thay do not understand hos it is possible to see things from 10 different perceptives or think abut anyting but smalltalk or things that makes me want to jump out of the nearest window. Ob a different note, i do respect and understand that their personalities are not like that. But i keep questioning myself, is there someting wrong with me. Am i stupid who thinks about things like I do? Nobody in my family seems to understand.

All in all, i ended ut sleeping out thing christmas, just staying by myself. But it sucks, i really want to have a familiy connetion, but on the other hand, i cant stand smalltalk and conversations with no empathy for the other side. I can accept them in general, and even apprecitate that they are different from me. But doing small talk for a nigth where the conversations lack completely debt, makes me want to jump out the nearest wondow.

Is this normal, or am I just being overly negative? I get that people are different, but it drains all the energy I have, to go trough this. After a fall with a fulltime job, co ownership in a buisness and finishing mye bachelor, there are not much rom from draining.

The confusion of on one part wanting a family, but on the other hand, feeling like I don't belong. Makes me feel worthless.

Friends are great, but what about the day they all have their own family.

The rest of the year, I love the alonetime, but on this day I am reminded how I do not fit in.

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Posted: Fri Dec 25, 2015 12:02 am
by Entity
I know you don't choose your family, so there's little you can do to change who you're dealing with. If your dad is like you in depth, then he must have something in common with them, and through that, you can find something good in common with them. It'll seem like all they care about is shallow stuff, but inside, everyone thinks cares deeply about several thing. Just try to get through the small stuff, then make a gradual, slow change. Some people just feel uncomfortable when things get too deep too quickly.

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Posted: Fri May 06, 2016 6:48 pm
by stark.arya
Hello there,

Sometimes I feel the same. I don't belong with my family.
I love them but I don't know, I'm not that happy.
I lived with my mom and little brother. My parents divorced when I was five.
Me and my family are the type of people who couldn't show our love to each others.
It feels so awkward. Until now.

When I moved out from home, it feel so much easier than I thought.
I like being alone without my family.
Being with my friends makes me happier than with my family.
But my friends also have their family.
And also I have no boyfriend.
So sometimes I feel really lonely.
I often keep questioning myself, what's wrong with me.
And end up crying alone -_-

But from now on, I think I just want to do what I want to do.
Do what makes me happy. Enjoy what I have.
Concentrate to pursue my dreams.
I know it's like runaway.
But I don't want to be that sad. :)

Re: Family

Posted: Fri May 06, 2016 10:53 pm
by Entity
There's nothing wrong with feeling out of place or not as close to your family. Just keep going on, no worries. Is a boyfriend something you really want, ot is it something that you feel you're missing out on. If it's a boyfriend you want, then good luck is all I can wish. If it's for the sake of being like everyone else, it helps to know this:
Screw everyone else