Just me ? to tear up easily talking about ur pain

Do you haz relationshipz? Do they huurt?
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Just me ? to tear up easily talking about ur pain

Post by katiefoxy » Sun Jan 12, 2014 10:32 pm

I Cry When Somethings Is Funny And Sometimes It's Excessive But One Crying Or Tearing Up I Could do.without Is When Talking About Something ive.internalized

For example in Hs my school Counseler kept calling me in to see what was going on why I wasn't doing my hw and such. And what's going on at home and with me and why I'm behaving poorly. I couldn't talk , I didn't know where to start yet my brains flying with possible answers.My throat feels Constricted and tears r starting to build up , im trying to spit out the right answer.

I don't try at.my hw.okay I'll work on it.
As I clench a fist or back pack.

I take ease from crying by handling something im sure that's common . I guess in asking if other infp have difficulty of confronting pain. And if they have a technique to stopping the strong emotions when ur trying to be strong.

No way I could tell her.. I live an apathetic existence , a long list of deep dark feelings and issues r on my mind heavily off an on. I can't begin to tell u how I feel. Parents r splitting. Lost my best friend . Drag my self outta bed every day to come here. Sign my slip.

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Re: Just me ? to tear up easily talking about ur pain

Post by it'smecat » Thu Dec 25, 2014 9:27 am

Jeez, I can't believe no one answered you. It's been a year almost. Yes, I tear up and I hate it. I cry when I don't want to.I had a crappy adolescence too. Drunk Mom, pedo brother in law hitting on me, no friends, always the new kid at school. It sucked. The best part is, it's over and it's been 40 years since. I have no advice, but I hurt for you. How has your life been this last year? I truly hope some improvements have come your way.

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