I think I've seen addressed by Jagex

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I think I've seen addressed by Jagex

Post by Amerzone » Sat Jun 27, 2020 5:46 am

I suppose that my point being that I think ticks should still be around, and they do not will need to be faster (the global cooldown on abilities is faster than FF14 for instance, although that game has lots of off-cooldown abilities you can use immediately.) But RS07 Gold game has tons of tick rates going on at precisely the time, so why don't remove a number of these completely or uniform them better?

One thing about server capacity issues,they are due to overpopulating hardware servers. In essence, they are attempting to jam way to much on their servers at a time that is given. It's far more affordable for any information intensive company to twist servers up instead then using a physical hardware host for each world. As companies attempt to gain more clients without increasing costs over doing digital servers is quite common. Solution? To have virtual servers each running. This would need to get performed before tick adjustments or other modifications to RuneScape game that might require more server care.

This one I'm interested in. Has anyone spoken about the technical side of the options Jagex has and this occurs? Jagex has spoken about Another two two themes I understand. The tick speed thing I do not anticipate at all and might actually be a detriment to RuneScape game reason being the tick system is a dimension to RuneScape game similar to how 3D motion is a dimension to FPS games that said Jagex has has demonstrated they've looked into this if not broadly. UI design and scaling I think I've seen addressed by Jagex and unlike tick rate I believe as it matches the development of rs working in different dimensions of phone/tablet screens, we could see this.

I mean it's quite probable that what the matter is that the responsiveness is population induced drop in tick rate. If you're used to it being 0.6 minutes per tick a very slight deviation from that will cause huge troubles. That is something people don't think about when they say"eliminate tick system" or even the more knowledgeable"make faster ticks" - should they triple the tick rate we'll find a lot more population based tick rate changes. Unless they buy servers which are far too much for running runescape 99 percent of the time. It comes down 99% of the time the servers are not worried and do not fall tick rate. Because fixing that would be throwing away 99 percent of the cash so from the point of view of jagex it's no problem.

Tick rate is the problem, but I do not quite think about it the biggest. The biggest issues, I believe, are at the core gameplay: namely the controls (both movement and combat). Click-to-move (and by extension, the tile program ) is my biggest gripe with Runescape's core gameplay and buy RS 3 gold. It makes motion feel clunky, and since both movement and targeting are performed via the mouse, it makes moving through enemies and precise positioning more bothersome than it otherwise could be, and generally makes combat less fluid and more intuitive than I'd want it to be. Now, WASD move on a gameworld that is tile-less is a pipe-dream for RS3, but I'd be remiss if I did not bring it up.

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