Variations of the INFP Personality Based on Astrology Sign

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Variations of the INFP Personality Based on Astrology Sign

Post by jetta » Sat Aug 19, 2017 8:32 pm


The INFP Leo is probably very proud and full of integrity. They will likely be especially creative and a bit dramatic. They may have some histrionic traits and a penchant for turning on the charm when they get positive attention from others. This type of INFP may actually appear more like an ENFP because they may exhibit a higher capacity for extraversion. They are probably warm and congenial and are highly sensitive to other’s feelings. These folks are likely very generous with their time and may give too much of themselves, sometimes at the expense to their own needs. The INFP Leo is bound to have a positive outlook and an optimistic attitude about life and the future.

J.K. Rowling (INFP born July 31)


The INFP Virgo is likely to be something of a perfectionist with their craft. They may be very analytical about understanding what they feel and why they feel it. They are probably very self aware and will have developed an intensive understanding of themselves and their flaws. These INFPs may be especially sensitive to criticism and judgment by others yet at the same time may be very opinionated. They are liable to exhibit a more modest demeanor and self deprecating humor. They have high ideals and standards and it is probable that they take an interest in self-development and improving themselves in many areas of life. It is likely that these types of INFPs complain alot and can be very fussy and argumentative.

George R.R. Martin (INFP born September 20)

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