What is My Type?

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What is My Type?

Post by serenesam » Thu Dec 26, 2013 7:42 pm

I have taken various online test several times and am well aware of how inaccurate they may be but I have scored as an INTJ twice, INTP once, ESTJ once, ISTJ twice with ENTJ as my preferred type and attraction type once but the second time I had ESTJ as my preference type and ESFJ as my attraction type. The times I have scored as an INTJ was borderline between INTJ and INFJ. The funny thing is that people say my writings that all are over the internet (I like to copy and paste them in every forum I could find) reflect more of an INTP but that was more like several months or years ago. Recently, I have been told I am of an INFP and I think this resonates with me well as someone have said they pick up introverted feeling (Fi) as my dominant function. Could this be true? If I were to look at myself and be as honest and unbiased as I could possibly, I believe there can only be four types I could fall under which are INTJ, INFJ, INTP, and INFP. I know for sure I am not an extrovert and will never be one because as the number of people I interact increase, their presence starts jamming my frequencies and my intellectual capacity goes rock bottom. I also don't see myself as a sensor type because well ironically, I have a lot of family members that are sensor types and there is no way that is me.

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