Debate Topics. Examples for Every Class

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Debate Topics. Examples for Every Class

Post by walthalt » Sun Jun 28, 2020 1:30 pm

Debate Topics. Examples for Every Class
We’ve come up with a few dozen debate topics for college students and high schoolers. You’ll notice our lists include a mix of argumentative, persuasive, and controversial debate topics. As always, you can mix and match any of the ideas you find peculiar and use them to tickle your imagination and develop issues we haven’t covered in this post. Have fun!
Politics and Economics
Voting age should be 30 or higher.
Banks should not be allowed to give out so many loans.
Was the last presidential election rigged?
Who is responsible for the economic crisis: the government or the people who voted it in?
Why is nationalism overcoming worldwide integration thinking?
Who is the best President in the history of the USA?
Should we get rid of the President’s post as redundant?
Do people vote based on emotional or logical reasons?
Can high taxes help overcome economic crisis?
Do CEOs deserve their million-dollar paychecks?

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