What is it supposed to look like, anyway?

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What is it supposed to look like, anyway?

Post by Kevs » Thu Sep 22, 2011 5:53 am

Ok so I see that some people think this forum to be dead, but I have seen dead forums and this forum is nowhere near that level of death....

And, for goodness sake, what is a successful INFP forum suppose to look like anyway? I think you could look at it with a different set of lenses. I have also been on forums that were all busy and everyone posting every day and every hour....but nothing is being said, really, it's just people commenting on each others comments with humerous comments, about this and that...to me just as dead, and trying to max out their number of posts so they can get to that next threshold of poster achiever status...

On this forum there is fresh things being said, I like this forum. Sure there isn't a frenzy of posting going on, but like I said, the frenzy is overwhelming....

So again, I ask, what is the purpose of a forum for INFP's? What is it supposed to look like? If it's dead, it would be dead. Kaput. Zippo. Nada. Bupkis. But that's not the case...

Or maybe I'm mssing somthing, like this i that is supposed to be in that word, missing...12 words back.

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