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Hello out there

Post by Sprock » Tue Aug 05, 2014 4:26 pm

I read once that female infps are often considered strong, and male infps are often considered weak. Same qualities, different expectations.
Maybe that'll change as gender roles evolve.
Regardless, we grow up with society's expectations and, quite naturally, embrace them.
They make us feel bad just for being who we are.
Too sensitive.
Easily wounded.
Prone to avoid conflict.
Dreamers. Dabblers. Dilettantes.
Yup. They disdain the very qualities that comprise our particular genius. We are the poets of the Jungian zodiac. We are its lovers. Its romantics. Its peace makers. Its visionaries.
Its saints and shamen.
But if we don't learn how to make our living on the laptop, we're doomed to go out there and slide around in their bullsh_t. And that's too bad...because infps are not designed to work outside the home.
There can't be a more difficult life than that of a working class infp.
I'm almost 60 years old and, I swear, it doesn't get much easier with time.

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