Building blocks to a broken road.

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Jaromy Craig
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Building blocks to a broken road.

Post by Jaromy Craig » Thu Jun 12, 2014 2:00 am

Throughout my life, I was brought up by a variety of different people. My parents had made a lot of mistakes that put them in prison when I was just 8-9 years old. There were constant fights back and forth, and I hardly remember a time in my life that I was actually enjoying myself being a kid. I won't go super into my life details, I'm writing books on that already and don't want to spoil all the excitement!

I never thought about my personality until it was brought to my attention by partner and fiancé, who saw something in me when I truly just thought I was the average unfortunate person who turned to music as an escape from the life I had been placed in. She referred me to the website and through taking the online assessment, It told me I was an INFP, and described more things about me than I had ever known. We continued to talk, and she eventually made the trip from Brisbane Australia to Salt Lake City Utah. It was love at first sight (although we both had fallen in love well before meeting but didn't express our feelings until we met in person) and thanks to her family pitching in money for flights I am currently living in Australia with her where I proposed and we will be married next month. I've never under stop up to that point why I always felt so different, or why I felt so distant from the people I went to school with. During high school, I could care less about my grades and genuinely didn't care to know half the criteria that was being brought to my attention. I typically slept through all my classes until something of interest came up, and at that time I would listen to every word being taught with a complete focus. My English teacher in grade 11 taught a lot on the subject of "critically thinking" and fully described how to take a thought process and turn it into something magnificent. Most kids in our class were very good at deterring him from actually teaching and often times I could see that (him being a personality who took criticism as harshly as I did) he would leave the front of the classroom in saying "well, it seems you have your lives figured out. I guess I am no longer needed." He was the most fascinating teacher I came across in that he never judged anyone based upon their grades, as I usually failed all my classes, but he would always be there to talk to me outside of school in a record shop he worked in and I would hang out at.

Recently, in discovering that I am this way and realizing my talents, I've started writing a lot more than I ever have been, mainly about my previous experiences in hopes of reaching others who have shared similar experiences or have children of their own. I think the worst problem we have in this world is that humans judge others based on how they look or genuinely that they aren't like them, but we are all so much more similar than what we truly realize. Everyone has their moments of stress, anxiety or depression and there are better ways to cope with that then yelling, screaming, putting down, or judging others because what they do seems wrong or right. I currently have many tattoos on my body and my ears are stretched to almost two inches. It doesn't affect the things that go on in my head, but there have been numerous times where other people have criticized me based on my looks. It's a rare occasion that I can go into a shopping center to have people not look at me like I'm some sort of demon, but on the upside, it also keeps the judgmental people a good distance from me. I don't genuinely like people who only have to act like they accept me for who I am, but I do a knowledge their attempts and appreciate them.

Well, I think that is enough about me for now, but I am glad to have found a forum of others who may understand what it is like to be this way, and I also look forward to future discussions and learning.

I'm also looking for any online work as a writer/editor or anything I can do to help if anyone knows of anything, as I cannot legally work in Australia with the visa that I am on, and unless we some how get 4500 dollars for the partnership visa, I will have no choice but to fly back to America. Thank you for reading, I wish everyone the best.

Jaromy Craig

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Re: Building blocks to a broken road.

Post by BabyDragon » Sun Jun 15, 2014 6:27 am

Either your life story is fascinating or you're good at writing stories.

Probably both. :D

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