Other issues as a result...

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Other issues as a result...

Post by Kevs » Sun Sep 15, 2013 4:18 pm

Good morning, I was wondering what kinds of other issues do ya'll have a result (indirect or direct) of being INFP? My parents are both of a personality group (can't tell exactly, think my Dad is an ENTJ) that I now know I simply don't mix well with. And both of them being raised in the depression era, and valuing hard work, "grabbing the bull by the horns" etc etc put the spin on my head for my whole life. I'm now 50 and really just starting to understand my own true sense of self. Anyway, I tend to be somewhat "feral" in nature, kinda skiddish around other humans. I take up the space in between things, etc etc. I struggle with attachment to other humans as in indirect result of my being INFP. Was just wondering. I may have asked this before, as it keeps coming up for me, and I haven't been here for over a year.

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