Hello, just an INFP poster child teenage girl here. :)

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Hello, just an INFP poster child teenage girl here. :)

Post by katybliss » Mon Feb 04, 2013 8:44 pm

Hi! I'm Katy, and I'm happy to join you fine fellow INFPs. c: I'm 17, and I'm from Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

Yeah, like I said, I'm kind of the INFP poster child---as far as I can tell. It's hard to say, though, because I only know one, maybe two, other INFP(s) in real life.

What I can say, with certainty, is that I'm a practicing Catholic girl in an all-girls Catholic high school. I love Peter Pan, Donnie Darko, reading, music, art, Tumblr, horror movies, criminology, psychology, old movies, and other oddball things. I'm quirky, and my interests sometimes make other people uncomfortable. I'm friendly, though, and in pursuit of acceptance, which is why I'm here on this forum hoping to meet people like me. :)

That's probably about all for now. Hopefully, I don't come off as too narcissistic on first impression.... :)

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