On happiness.

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On happiness.

Post by crow » Mon Nov 24, 2014 7:39 pm

I discovered happiness, twenty-something years ago, in the heat of the Sonoran Desert, in Mexico.
Up to that point, all happiness was, was a word, that I sometimes applied to a state I might feel, from time to time, when things were going well.
So, you see, I didn't actually know what happiness was, until one day I did.

Now I realize that happiness is something unknown to many, if not most. People, like I did, use the word to describe a transitory state that they have no grasp of, nor of how it works.
Which accounts for the way people often react to me when I appear, emitting this unknown thing, and describing it, and seeming to claim that it is important, and that they could have it, too.
I am, in effect, a happiness-nazi. Or at least, that is how I may appear to those lacking happiness.

I get banned from online forums, time after time, and this has made me wonder just what it is that I am doing, that results in my banishment.
Wherever I go, wherever I show up, no matter what I say, or how I say it, the majority of posters become upset at me. Especially site admins.
Because, I realize, I gain a following, and that is something that nobody is allowed to do.

My following - if that is the right word - is always a small group that enjoys what I write about, and how I write it. They just can't get enough.
While the rest become resentful and then angry. Because, well because, they assume that my presence and my content, is only about me, since that would be true, if it were them doing what I do.

But it is not about me. Any more than the sounds that come out of a loudspeaker are about the loudspeaker.

I can no longer imagine what it is to not know happiness, and so it becomes impossible to imagine the huge lack that is the normal state of so many.

I should, I suppose, keep this happiness to myself, lest it anger others. Lest it remind them of their lack, and in so doing, upset them and cause them to resent.
But this would be very difficult for me. It is very difficult. Which is a very good reason to practice being able to do it.

I use the term 'happiness' here, very loosely. It is, in fact, a mixture of calm, balance, goodwill, and gratitude, that fills me too full of all things good, to easily conceal it.

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Re: On happiness.

Post by pessimist » Sun Jul 12, 2015 1:24 am

Happiness is temporal. The goal should be contentedness, in my opinion.

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